Rewriting dialogue by identifying the function of it.

They say all dialogue should further understanding of the character or further the story. It also needs to convey distinct character voice, be entertaining, and convey the impression that the writer is worthy of being hired. It’s a lot, and people often get lost trying to do everything at once. Here’s my trick: I likeContinue reading “Rewriting dialogue by identifying the function of it.”

Unity in scripts (or “I see what you did there”)

Unity is a lofty word that basically means “don’t be arbitrary.” Life is arbitrary, scripts are not. You know that old meme that goes “I see what you did there“? That’s writing in a nutshell. We always want to see what you did there and why you did it. Every element in a script should haveContinue reading “Unity in scripts (or “I see what you did there”)”

Five things to do after ‘finishing’ a draft (and before you show it to anyone).

So you’ve finished your draft. Kudos, mazel tov, congratulations. It’s a heady rush and your instinct might be to send it off into the world. Wait. Don’t query that agent, don’t post it to that forum or subreddit, don’t enter that contest, don’t even bug your friends with it. Resist that temptation. Your work is newborn, vulnerable, unready. Sending it off now would be like sending a toddler to fight Floyd Mayweather.