Five reasons a voice recorder is a screenwriter’s best friend

Record ideas as soon as you have them. We think we won’t forget, but the truth is we do. If you have your ideas recorded somewhere, your brain will give you more… if you never do anything with the ideas you have, eventually you stop having them. It’s important to record your ideas as soon as... Continue Reading →

Question: How can I pick up on a project I’ve been away from?

QUESTION: I started on a short script yesterday with a idea I was really excited about, I did a quick treatment first to plan things out and then I started into the first page or two before heading to bed. I came back to it today and just didn't have the same rhythm of thought... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

It happens to all of us.  We get stuck, and then we can't move forward.  Here are some tricks you can use when you don't want to write anything. 1.  Use a timer. Using a timer focuses the mind.  It's better to have ten minutes of solid focus than a hazy weekend where you occasionally... Continue Reading →

1. Always have a pen and paper (or a voice recorder, or a smartphone with a good battery).  A pen and paper is best, as it's living testament to your desire to capture ideas as opposed to just having a cell phone.  Productivity nerds call this ubiquitous capture.  The thinking is that your brain won't... Continue Reading →

How to beat writer’s block

AUTHOR'S NOTE ADDED 9/5/13 - This is one of the first blogs I wrote.  I didn't really know what I was doing, and it embarrasses me.  I rewrote the article here, but I thought I would leave the old draft up for posterity. I don't want to write this blog.  I actually never feel like... Continue Reading →

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