Conceptual specificity (or Santa Claus vs The Zombies)

Conceptual specificity:  The fun of the second act should come from the elements set up by the first act. The fun of the second act needs to come from the hook, otherwise the draft isn’t exercising the idea it purports to embody. I know that’s a long and boring mouthful, so to drive this homeContinue reading “Conceptual specificity (or Santa Claus vs The Zombies)”

How to write a mediocre logline

Nine months ago I wrote this post. It became one of my most popular blogs. I’ve come to realize that the words “mediocre” and “logline” were poor choices, because it opened me up to a lot of repetitive arguments about what is or isn’t a logline. I clarified my thinking and renamed this: The PremiseContinue reading “How to write a mediocre logline”