Justify: When you get a logic note, ask it in the screenplay and explain it away.

A big part of writing is justification: anticipating common sense logic notes, asking them yourself in the script, and creating a plausible explanation This maintains willing suspension of disbelief, and creates specifics of character that ends up paying off later. When people don’t get things, they’re not flawed or bad, they’re “calling out” a logical issueContinue reading “Justify: When you get a logic note, ask it in the screenplay and explain it away.”

Finding an angle on material

When working with a client, I like to develop their sense of what is interesting about idea, what can be done with it. To do this, we go to the front page of /r/todayilearned, and I ask them which story jumps out to them. Today client picked this one: TIL the Morton salt company raisedContinue reading “Finding an angle on material”

Improv for screenwriters – Yes And

Improv for screenwriters – Yes-And The basic rule of improv is “yes and.” If someone offers information, you say “Yes…” and then add some information. For instance: A: “Did you hear about the logger?” B: “Yes and it’s crazy that he went mad and killed those 16 people in that diner.” A: “Yes, and IContinue reading “Improv for screenwriters – Yes And”

Improv for screenwriters – a sketch exercise that’s useful for scene work.

This is the exercise: Pick a situation that would happen in life. Identify five typical things thats would ordinarily happen in that situation. Pick an unusual thing. Apply that unusual thing to the list you generated in step 2. Example: A lady goes to a gym to see a trainer. Unusual thing: the trainer isContinue reading “Improv for screenwriters – a sketch exercise that’s useful for scene work.”

Emotional grounding in world building via “the orienting effect”

The following is the work of Alex Berg, excerpted from this blog. He talks about using emotions to ground, frame and orient a reader in insane fictional worlds. I think every writer should read this one. “The example I’ve been using for years to demonstrate the benefits of emotional heightening is a fictional scene titledContinue reading “Emotional grounding in world building via “the orienting effect””