Improv for screenwriters – Beyond Yes/And

"You have to keep the differences between improv and dramatic writing in mind. Improv is about agreeing and moving forward as a team. "Yes, and..." or at the most, "yes, but..." Drama is about conflict. In drama, you need to hear "no" more than "yes".” Quote from a WGA writer that sums up the most... Continue Reading →


Improv for Screenwriters – Miles Stroth’s 4 scene types.

Improv is the art of making up scenes on the fly by collaborating with one or more people. For a number of reasons, this is harder than it sounds. While pretty much anyone can improvise, not everyone can improvise in interesting ways. This mirrors screenwriting, in than anyone can write: FADE IN: INT. DINER --... Continue Reading →

An intro to improv part 2

I'm writing a series of articles on improv for screenwriters. Previously I posted a list of bits on HOW to improv, this Ted talk is more aobut the whys of improv. Bear with me on these, I'm going somewhere with them. My favorite line from the video: "Listening is the willingness to change."

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