It’s great to have a vivid world, but your story shouldn’t feel like an excuse to show off your world.

A world-building script is a script that is heavily reliant on its setting. These are commonly genre scripts, but not always. A script that's got an esoteric historical setting or relies on a densely woven political backstory has the same strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. MINORITY REPORT is a sci-fi world building story. Much of the... Continue Reading →


Genre 101

Update 10/23/14: This is an earlier version of this post, which I like a little better. Video game genres: First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy, Rail Shooter Movie genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, War Genres in video games are named for how we influence the medium. Genres in movies are named for how the medium... Continue Reading →

On Genre

We screenwrite to produce spec scripts that communicate our talent to a decision-maker who will then pay us to write. To this end, your spec script should be familiar. Familiar means in a recognizable genre. We know genres - if a comedy makes us laugh it works. If a horror movie scares us, it works.... Continue Reading →

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