Common beginner problem: A fear of outlining, even at the rewrite stage.

My platonic ideal of developing a screenplay: This December, I taught an online class about outlining. I broke development into 6 phases. Express an idea as a logline. Expand logline as a one page precis that delineates act breaks. Break the one page in a series of 30-50 distinct beats, 7 words per beat. Flesh... Continue Reading →


Q: When is the most popular day to start a screenplay? A: Tomorrow?

INT. SIMPSON HOUSE -- NIGHT Homer and Marge have been having marital troubles, a long dry spell.  Marge is unhappy about this for some reason. MARGE: Homer... We need to talk about the martial difficulties we've been having lately. HOMER: Marge, there's just too much pressure, with my job, the kids, traffic, political strife at home and... Continue Reading →

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