The best notes tend to be specific

Reading services, from the Blacklist to me, prefer to give overall notes in a general way. They're easier to do, and harder to specifically challenge. Unfortunately, they're not always the most helpful. Take these Blacklist notes posted by reddit user wolfduke : The narrative suffers from a premise that is ungrounded, as it introduces a sprawling... Continue Reading →


Finding an angle on material

When working with a client, I like to develop their sense of what is interesting about idea, what can be done with it. To do this, we go to the front page of /r/todayilearned, and I ask them which story jumps out to them. Today client picked this one: TIL the Morton salt company raised... Continue Reading →

Glossary of some terms I use

  Alt: An alternative joke or moment for a script. Example: TED: Great idea... not! (alt) That's like the opposite of a good idea! Bottom of the scene: Refers to stuff that happens near the beginning of a scene. Call out: Moments where dialogue or action underlines unusual behavior. Could be a mention, or even... Continue Reading →

The value of straight answers pt. 2

This is a common conversation for people who work in showbiz: "Hey man, I heard you lost your job." "Yeah, between things right now. If you have any leads?" "Do you have the UTA job list? I'll send it to you." "Gee, thanks." Offering up the job list is literally the least you can do... Continue Reading →

Saturday Screenwriting Class

The class would meet Saturdays, time TBD. There would be four 90 minute sessions, and participants would leave the class with a well-structured, forty beat outline. The class costs $70 dollars. Ideally there'd be between 3-6 people. I've done this once[1] before. I learned a lot from my first class and am excited to offer it again.... Continue Reading →

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