Dimensional characters have a true nature, and a false face they present to the world.

Writing characters is a varied art form and there's a million ways to develop characters that are "great" "dimensional," "original." Here's a simple trick I like to use: Who is this character, really? How do they present themselves to the world? These are also good questions for life. If you want to know how someone wants... Continue Reading →

Don’t Write Generic Dialogue. Speak to the specific complaint.

I hate generic stuff, moments that show something basic: the kid loves his mom! The cop works at a precinct! The couple is fighting! Any hack could write that, and it's the screenplay's job to show off what's special about your writing style. You want to sell people on the idea of you. Here's a... Continue Reading →


People often talk of "character arcs."  Arcs a fancy byword for "character change."  Think of your hero as a work in progress.  Protagonist 1.0 might be cool and handsome, but isn't in touch with his feminine side/greedy/can't skateboard.  Odds are that a series of amusing setpieces will turn him into Protagonist v2.0 who's very in... Continue Reading →

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