Basics about the Basics.

Reader Eric was kind enough to read my last post.  He asks [You talk about fundamentals of writing.  what are they] what specific steps are you taking to improve them?   Author’s note: Every time I open my big fat mouth about some sweeping generalization, someone comes out of the woodwork to argue about it.Continue reading “Basics about the Basics.”

The banality of good advice

In my last post, I collected a list of best practices boiled down from a year’s worth of blogging and a lifetime’s worth of study.  The bullet points? “Write often, be organized, use an outline.”  That’s painfully unoriginal advice. Every hack with a website spoon feeds the same basic tenets.  Still, as basic and familiarContinue reading “The banality of good advice”

Best practices for getting started, organized, and through your first draft.

1. Always have a pen and paper (or a voice recorder, or a smartphone with a good battery).  A pen and paper is best, as it’s living testament to your desire to capture ideas as opposed to just having a cell phone.  Productivity nerds call this ubiquitous capture.  The thinking is that your brain won’tContinue reading “Best practices for getting started, organized, and through your first draft.”