Justify: When you get a logic note, ask it in the screenplay and explain it away.

A big part of writing is justification: anticipating common sense logic notes, asking them yourself in the script, and creating a plausible explanation This maintains willing suspension of disbelief, and creates specifics of character that ends up paying off later. When people don't get things, they're not flawed or bad, they're "calling out" a logical issue... Continue Reading →

Most people picture language visually. Knowing this makes writing easier.

A screenplay is a de facto movie and anything presented will eventually have to be literally photographed (or said.) Understanding why this works lends insight into human beings, your target audience. I learned this when I was taking an acting class. The teacher was stressing a point on how we should invest words with meaning.... Continue Reading →

Glossary of some terms I use

  Alt: An alternative joke or moment for a script. Example: TED: Great idea... not! (alt) That's like the opposite of a good idea! Bottom of the scene: Refers to stuff that happens near the beginning of a scene. Call out: Moments where dialogue or action underlines unusual behavior. Could be a mention, or even... Continue Reading →

The Four Basic Elements of Screenwriting

There are four basic elements in screenwriting. You can use them to achieve any story. [1] Scene Headings [2] Scene description/Action [3] Character attribution [4] Dialogue [5] Transitions [6] Parenthetical [7] SFX, VFX, etc. (you really don’t need to use these) [8] Author’s note (again, use sparingly. You don't really need transitions, but they're nice... Continue Reading →

The value of straight answers pt. 2

This is a common conversation for people who work in showbiz: "Hey man, I heard you lost your job." "Yeah, between things right now. If you have any leads?" "Do you have the UTA job list? I'll send it to you." "Gee, thanks." Offering up the job list is literally the least you can do... Continue Reading →

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