The Four Basic Elements of Screenwriting

There are four basic elements in screenwriting. You can use them to achieve any story. [1] Scene Headings [2] Scene description/Action [3] Character attribution [4] Dialogue [5] Transitions [6] Parenthetical [7] SFX, VFX, etc. (you really don’t need to use these) [8] Author’s note (again, use sparingly. You don’t really need transitions, but they’re niceContinue reading “The Four Basic Elements of Screenwriting”


People often talk of “character arcs.”  Arcs a fancy byword for “character change.”  Think of your hero as a work in progress.  Protagonist 1.0 might be cool and handsome, but isn’t in touch with his feminine side/greedy/can’t skateboard.  Odds are that a series of amusing setpieces will turn him into Protagonist v2.0 who’s very inContinue reading “CHARACTER ARCS 101”