The menu:

1. 2 pages of notes on screenplays at any stage $65
2. 2 pages of  notes on pilots, shorts, sketches, specs, plays and novels (see below for pricing)
3. 5 pages  of in-depth “studio notes” on every aspect of a draft $150
4. Private lessons via skype, google chat, or in person in Hollywood $50 an hour
5. Screenwriting classes (check schedule, email if you’d like a custom class)
6. Logline analysis w/ three revisions $15
7. Line-by-line script annotations $25 per 10 page section


How to pay:

It’s easy to get started! Just send a PDF of your script and payment to

Venmo (preferred) @Matt-Lazarus (Instructions)
Paypal information: (Instructions)


The standard service where I read your scripts and write two pages of notes, including a gut reaction, what I liked, what I didn’t, and some actionable advice for how to polish the draft.

Price: $45

1/2 hour pilot or spec $25, hourlong pilot $40, shorts $15 if under 10 pages, $25 dollars otherwise, manuscripts .50 per page.


The more in-depth version of the basic notes. This is the kind of report that I’d write for a studio executive who had to supervise a rewrite. 5-6 pages of notes tracking character arcs, genre beats, and the three act structure. These notes will concentrate on how to ensure that all these myriad elements stay in alignment.

Price: $120


In a perfect world, we’d buy a treadmill, use it every day, and stay in great shape. In practice, most people end up hiring an outside professional to keep them focused, disciplined, and on task. The same goes for writing. My coaching clients get the benefit out outside advice and consulting. This can include lessons, organization, or simply having a person to bounce scene ideas off of. It’s all the benefits of a writing partner with none of the downside.

Price: $5o/hour


A good premise helps you measure twice, cut once. Many scripts fail because they spend all their time setting things up, and never get to what’s interesting, vital and meaningful about their concept. For 10 dollars I will read and give notes on three drafts of your premise (up to 75 words) to help you make sure that you have an idea that will actually work in screenplay form. This often saves months of wasted energy and pages.  Example 1. Example 2.

Price: $15


Perhaps the most valuable service for a young writer: I will go through your material line by line, and point out what works and what doesn’t. Writers often struggle to write scripts because they struggle to write scenes because they struggle to write interesting and efficient lines. This is the best way to fix that problem and attain a sure and steady mastery of the form. Example.

Price: $20/per 10 page segment


$60 provide 2-3 page synopsis of your script.
Add $10 – for a 15 minute phone call to discuss notes.

If you need something done that you don’t see here, just ask.

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