First time special – $75 A read of your script and a half hour coaching session. This is the best way to test the waters, get to know me, ask questions, and find out what to expect. Just send a PDF of your script and paypal to

My favorite service, the best way to learn faster, rewrite better, and come up with new ideas when you’re stuck. Coaching can be in person in Hollywood, or on Skype using collab tools like Google Docs and WriterDuet.

1 hour session $75 per hour, minimum 1 hour session.
5 hours $350, minimum 1 hour session
10 hours $700, minimum 1 hour session.

In depth analysis of the fine details of a script. Great for picking apart word choice, writing style, and identifying bad habits. When I analyze I ask ‘is this interesting?’ and if not, why not?
Line-by-line script annotations $25 per 10 page section (example)
Logline analysis w/ three revisions $15 (example)

The standard service where I read your scripts and write two pages of notes, including a gut reaction, what I liked, what I didn’t, and some actionable advice for how to polish the draft.
Screenplays, 1 hour pilots – $65
1/2 hour pilots, shorts, sketches – $35
Manuscripts, plays – 50 cents per page, $35 minimum
In-depth “studio notes” $150

How to pay

Venmo: @matt-lazarus


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