Justify: When you get a logic note, ask it in the screenplay and explain it away.

A big part of writing is justification: anticipating common sense logic notes, asking them yourself in the script, and creating a plausible explanation This maintains willing suspension of disbelief, and creates specifics of character that ends up paying off later. When people don't get things, they're not flawed or bad, they're "calling out" a logical issue... Continue Reading →

Vetting a Logline – The Fright Chamber

Here's a logline that was submitted by /u/nasteeninja for consideration on my live screenwriting show (www.youtube.com/c/storycoaching, now every Saturday at 5 PM). I'll get to the script at a later date, probably on video. A sadistic doctor, hellbent on immortality, abducts a troubled nurse and forces her through a series of constructed nightmares designed to... Continue Reading →

Five fun pro tips for writerduet

WriterDuet isn't just a great screenwriting/collaboration tool, it's got a host of additional features that can supercharge your productivity and creativity. Turn PDFs into Final Draft files. Anyone can print to PDF these days, but writerduet is an easy way to do it if you don't know any other way to do it. What's cool... Continue Reading →

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