On theme (or movies are an illustration of a moral universe).

Life is poorly written. The objectives are vague, the plotting is sloppy, and characters enter and exit without any logic or any guarantee we’ll see them again. Even if you hold there is some kind of god-like author up there, even the most devout will point out that he moves in mysterious ways. In life,Continue reading “On theme (or movies are an illustration of a moral universe).”

How to lose a reader in the first three pages.

A few days ago, /u/eddieswiss [+4] posted his script on reddit asking for opinions. I asked If I could post my notes and he graciously agreed. Eddieswiss is a promising writer and a nice person. He has the rare ability to take criticism, which is surprisingly rare. People who can take criticism develop faster than people who can’t.Continue reading “How to lose a reader in the first three pages.”

On Passive Voice

To write well is to clearly communicate your thoughts to someone else.  Unless you are writing poetry, in your diary, or some other creative type of writing – your goal should and probably is so that others read and understand it.  The passive voice confuses traditional object/subject classifications.  It can cause readers to become unsureContinue reading “On Passive Voice”

A quick, useful screenwriting lesson

No line of dialogue or description really ever needs to be longer than four lines (feel free to break this rule 5 times per script, more is just pushing it). Most elements in a first draft are at least one line too long. BAD: Josh reaches in his desk drawer and pulls out an envelope andContinue reading “A quick, useful screenwriting lesson”