Do screenwriters agree on anything? Kinda/sorta…

Screenwriters will argue almost any point.  I went to Reddit trying to get a list of things that were basically inarguable.  It took a few hours, and you can see the threads here and here.  I'm Cynicallad, if you needed to ask. Making this list and defending it really forced me to defend and reconsider... Continue Reading →

Basics about the Basics.

Reader Eric was kind enough to read my last post.  He asks [You talk about fundamentals of writing.  what are they] what specific steps are you taking to improve them?   Author's note: Every time I open my big fat mouth about some sweeping generalization, someone comes out of the woodwork to argue about it.... Continue Reading →


You have too much stuff: too many things, too many ideas, too many projects, too many commitments. This mental clutter creates static that prevents you from focusing your creativity in a productive way. There's always the temptation to write multiple stories at once, but people are not good at multitasking. The beginning writer should have... Continue Reading →

Five productivity tips for screenwriters.

Productivity is a vast and complex field of study. You may have seen bits of it in articles like "lifehack your day," or "Five tips to turbocharge your output!" Basically, productivity is the study of best workflows and best organizational practices. Ironically, productivity fans waste a lot of time reading productivity tips. This article is... Continue Reading →

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