About Matt

Hi, I’m Matt. In 2007, at age 23, I was able to sell a feature to RKO and enter the Writers Guild of America. I’ve been lucky enough to be working writer ever since.

Before that (and after that) I was a story editor and a reader, the guy who actually reads, analyzes and synopsizes the scripts people send in. I’ve read and broken down over 5,000 scripts in my career. It’s made me fast, effective, and slightly cynical. I see people make the same mistakes over different drafts, and successive screenplays. These mistakes slow things down, lead to frustration, and wasted time, effort, and opportunities.

I believe that these complicated problems stem from simple causes. Writers are made, not born, and with best practices, careful consideration, and attention to detail anyone can go from hopeless to working at the peak of their ability. My site and blog represent my humble attempt to break down the complex art of screenwriting into simple techniques and principles that lead to exponential growth and improvement.


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