The main value of structure is that it allows writers to see how incidents radically change their story depending on where they are placed.

Three act structure. Just by using that term, I have guaranteed that a sizable percentage of the people who read this will have stopped listening. Those people are busy composing angry replies about how stupid and/or malevolent I am. I look forward to reading those. I get that people hate three act structure, but the... Continue Reading →


Why people hate three act structure (and why I like it)

Here's a quirk of human nature: we form opinions early, and then we cherry pick facts that support the notion we formed. Go visit /r/politics or any mac vs pc argument, and you'll see this principle illustrated vividly. I learned 3 act structure early (Syd Field's screenplay). It helped me, so I like it, so... Continue Reading →

Vetting a Logline – The Fright Chamber

Here's a logline that was submitted by /u/nasteeninja for consideration on my live screenwriting show (, now every Saturday at 5 PM). I'll get to the script at a later date, probably on video. A sadistic doctor, hellbent on immortality, abducts a troubled nurse and forces her through a series of constructed nightmares designed to... Continue Reading →

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