I’m trying something new: 90 minute drop-in screenwriting class via Google Hangouts.

I’d like to try something new. I am announcing the first of what will be a series of drop in classes. These classes will be online, and held via writerduet and google hangout. I got the idea from the improv community where classes like this exist and are very popular and helpful.

The first class will be offered at one time introductory rate of $5. If you’re the only one in the class, you get to ask me anything for 90 minutes, which is a great deal for you, a great deal that I really hope doesn’t happen.

Who: The class will be taught by me, Matt Lazarus (www.thestorycoach.net[1] )

What: 90 minute class teaching screenwriting fundamentals, and basic improv technique. Class will be freeform. I have a basic syllabus (we’ll be finding movie ideas in random articles and scene ideas in those) but the actual lesson will be tailored towards the specific needs of the students in each class. I’m a stickler for fairness, everyone will get equal time, even if you’re very shy.

Where: Online, via google hangout and writerduet.com

When: Thursday night from 7pm-8:30pm

Why: If you look at screenwriting forums and sites, you will find that most of the questions are about marketing (how do I get an agent? can you sell a western? how much money do screenwriters make?). If you look at screenplays posted online, you’ll notice most fall short on the fundamentals. Beginning writers are often desperate to sell a script before they understand how to write them, or why the medium works.

How: PM me for more details, or simply send venmo or paypal with the word Class in the comments. Seating is limited to 9 people as the class will be on a google hangout via video call.

Published by Matt Lazarus

WGA screenwriter offering in-depth writing instruction, notes, critique, and assistance.

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