On pronouns (a programming metaphor from me, a guy who doesn’t understand programming)

Q: As I write an action I am using the Characters name to start the sentence followed by using ‘She’ for the next line.
For ex: Jane wakes in the dense forest. Her eyes closed, still in the moment. She hides quickly, rubbing her neck and ankle, feeling the pain that she has never experienced before. Is this a problem?

Think of it as programming. You create a character by naming them. Then you describe them a little so the audience can see them. Then anything you do with that character already has all that good stuff attached to it. Pronouns are fine, so long as they’re not confusing. If you introduce Jane neand she’s the only character in the scene, she is fine. If there are four women and they all share focus, you might want to use their names to keep things clear.

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