Reader question: How did you get started?

I moved to LA in 2003, when I was 18. I came from Vermont. Like many, I worked an unpaid internship along with a shitty job at a movie theater. My internship was at Untitled Entertainment, a management company. We had THE RING-era Naomi Watts and PUNK’D era Ashton Kutcher as clients. It was excited. I started reading scripts to stand out and in the hopes of getting the managers to read my laughable specs.

Eventually I went to CAA, to the mailroom, where they had a program where you could read scripts for $40 bonuses. I read a lot, so many that they revised the system. After that I went to a development job at a comic company. After that I freelanced, reading for a diverse array of producers and management companies, until about 2008, when most of those jobs dried up. I was able to bridge this till about 2011, because I had some paid WGA stuff (which was awesome, and I didn’t appreciate as much as I should). In 2011, I started building my coaching practice.

Published by Matt Lazarus

WGA screenwriter offering in-depth writing instruction, notes, critique, and assistance.

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