Before you start a script, make sure you have one dynamite scene for the second act (that needs your premise to exist)

Most of my advice stems from the premise test. An <ADJECTIVE> <PROTAGONIST TYPE> must <GOAL> or else <STAKES>. They do this by <DOING> and learns <THEME>. It seems simple, but it’s actually a powerful and merciless tool that exposes flawed or incomplete thinking. It’s simplicity covers a lot of complexity and theory, so it’s much... Continue Reading →


It’s not enough to have something you want to say. You need to find an entertaining way to say it.

I read a lot of scripts. Many suffer from the same problem: no second act. It's a simple problem to diagnose, but a hard problem to fix. Writing a good second act requires a working knowledge of three act structure, a working knowledge of genre, and a good sense of what a general audience might... Continue Reading →

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