Simplifying genre

In improv/sketch, the "game of the scene" can be loosely defined as the part of the scene that makes things funny. For all the difficulties and abstractions in comedic improv, the genre is iron-clad. Comedic improv can do many things, but overall, it attempts to make the audience laugh. Comedy is only one of many... Continue Reading →


The Four Basic Elements of Screenwriting

There are four basic elements in screenwriting. You can use them to achieve any story. [1] Scene Headings [2] Scene description/Action [3] Character attribution [4] Dialogue [5] Transitions [6] Parenthetical [7] SFX, VFX, etc. (you really don’t need to use these) [8] Author’s note (again, use sparingly. You don't really need transitions, but they're nice... Continue Reading →

Writing is a lot like cooking. Good writing is entertaining. Good food is delicious. Taste is subjective, but not that subjective.

People often ask a version of, "What's more important, plot or character?" It's an understandable question, but like all dichotomies , the answer is a little of both. Both plot and character are means to an overall end - one of entertainment. A script can be intricately plotted, a character can be psychologically real, but if... Continue Reading →

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