Wraithmore – A work in progress

When people ask for advice on how to write a script, they’re usually disappointed by the complexity of the answers they receive. Writing is complicated. There are some guidelines, but few hard rules. There are many methods for writing a script, but they’re all custom – every writer has their own approach, style and methodology.

I’ve been working on a project on Reddit, where I’ve been writing a project from idea to draft, illustrating every step. You can follow along here.

PART ONE: Stating a premise.
PART TWO: Reacting to feedback.
PART THREE: World Building
PART FOUR: Applying three act structure
PART FIVE: Turning 3 acts into a beat sheet and/or outline
PART SIX: Vetting an outline.
PART SEVEN: Get unstuck by getting organized
PART EIGHT: Kill variables in the outline
PART NINE: The fun part of the second act
PART TEN – Midpoint and beyond

Published by Matt Lazarus

WGA screenwriter offering in-depth writing instruction, notes, critique, and assistance.

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