Wraithmore – A work in progress

When people ask for advice on how to write a script, they're usually disappointed by the complexity of the answers they receive. Writing is complicated. There are some guidelines, but few hard rules. There are many methods for writing a script, but they're all custom - every writer has their own approach, style and methodology.... Continue Reading →


Premise Test – notes on Adjective

You’ll often hear me talk about the premise of a movie. When I do, I’m usually talking about the premise test: An must or else . They do this by and learns . An suggests the characters main trait. It also gives them the start of a personality and starts to individuate them from other people... Continue Reading →

Premise Test – Notes on Type

You'll often hear me talk about the premise of a movie. When I do, I'm usually talking about the premise test: An <ADJECTIVE> <PROTAGONIST TYPE> must <GOAL> or else <STAKES>. They do this by <DOING> and learns <THEME>. A type boils a character down into one word, an oversimplified conceptual handle so we get a grasp... Continue Reading →

USEFUL TERM: Thin-slicing

"Thin-slicing is a term used in psychology and philosophy to describe the ability to find patterns in events based only on "thin slices," or narrow windows, of experience." Wikipedia When I hear an idea for a movie, I thin-slice it in my head. A lot of the time, I realize the premise isn't robust enough... Continue Reading →

Coloring a plot

Here's something I believe: plot and character aren't a dichotomy. They're both tools, a means to an end. That end is entertainment. A reader asks: I'm just trying to understand how you feel about plot. What makes a good plot? Is there such a thing as a good plot? Are all plots equally uninteresting until... Continue Reading →

Dichotomy 101

A dichotomy is any splitting of a whole into exactly two non-overlapping parts. We humans have a lot of them:Male/female. Good/evil. Wrong/right. Gay/straight. Republican/Democrat. Young/old. Day/Night. Logical/emotional. Mac/PC. Playstation/Xbox. North/South. You get the idea.JOKE : There are two types of people in the world, the ones that use dichotomies and the ones that don't.Dichotomies are always... Continue Reading →

Looking back on early blogs…

I thought about blogging about screenwriting long before I actually started doing it. I just ran across an early version of this blog that has five posts of wildly varying quality. This one always amused me. It's a metaphor about rewriting, using a classic scene from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as a metaphor. It's the... Continue Reading →

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