Once you have your story beats down, you can have more fun with them. Example: this pinterest board I made for my spec.

At some point in your writing process, you’re going to get an an outline. I like to outline by major beats/sequences. You usually end up with about 40.


As an added bonus, the board in the linked web post is a very early draft of the same story.

Someone’s probably going to say, “What a waste of time. In the time you wasted playing with pinterest, you could have written two drafts.” That person is dull and unimaginative.

I like using photo reference for all my scenes. It fuels my imagination and lends a subliminal level of reality to my writing. Usually, I do this in dropbox, making one folder for each sequence, but I made this during the brief, embarrassing period when I was super into pinterest. I hope you guys find it interesting.

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