Without the jokes, sitcoms are 3-minute-long classes in Screenwriting 101

A sitcom without jokes is like a porn without sex scenes—pointless. But sitcom story lines, at the very least, are useful technical exercises for all the aspiring TV writers out there. (The same can’t be said of porn, except for maybe as object lessons in how not to write realistic female characters.) The Big Bang Theory, for example, follows a pretty standard three-act structure, a structure that is laid bare in the aptly named. (Via the Onion AV Club)

A script is a necklace. Set pieces are pearls, plot is like string. The string should be almost invisible, serving only to arrange and present the pearls in the best light.

This series of “sitcoms minus the jokes” says it better than I can.

Published by Matt Lazarus

WGA screenwriter offering in-depth writing instruction, notes, critique, and assistance.

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