Premise test special – $10 for three rounds of notes!

I’m running a special on logline analysis this month, 3 for the price of one.

Screenwriting mistakes happen at a fundamental level. Nearly all movies can be expressed like this: An <ADJECTIVE> <PROTAGONIST TYPE> must <GOAL> or else <STAKES>. He does this by <DOING> and learns <THEME>.

Further, it’s the “doing” part that makes the movie. The character who must earn a million dollars by surfing is different than the one who must do it by fighting zombies.

Often times people write multiple drafts but they never find a story. Then they start a new project, but they take their bad habits with them and the circle continues.

This $10 mini-class will help you learn the nature of premise via email, by sharpening the way your story is framed, you’ll have a much better shot of executing it.

For 10 dollars I will read and give notes on three drafts of your premise (up to 75 words) to help you make sure that you have an idea that will actually work in screenplay form. This often saves months of wasted energy and pages.

A good premise helps you measure twice, cut once. Many scripts fail because they spend all their time setting things up, and never get to what’s interesting, vital and meaningful about their concept.

EXAMPLE (All loglines will be kept confidential – this is a special example, used with permission)

Helped in every way when it came to fleshing out my ideas for my script. He asked just the right questions to pull more story out and scrape away the extra fat. Couldn’t be happier. If you are having trouble, I wholeheartedly recommend getting his notes and advice. ~Jeffrey Wells

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