Question: How can I pick up on a project I’ve been away from?

QUESTION: I started on a short script yesterday with a idea I was really excited about, I did a quick treatment first to plan things out and then I started into the first page or two before heading to bed. I came back to it today and just didn’t have the same rhythm of thought I previously had for it if that makes sense.

The thing is it happens to me often enough, in that I find myself writing a script I started a week or two earlier and struggle getting back into the swing of the story sometimes.

ANSWER:  Use a voice recorder and leave yourself a note:

“Hey future me! Knowing you as I do, you’re going to be burned out when you get back to this. Just remember to…”

Spend 5 minutes talking about everything that excites you or bedevils you about the project. That way you’ll have something to react off of when you return to it.


* Note: When I started my coaching practice, I thought I was going to focus on productivity tips like this, figuring I could forestall a lot of arguments by not talking about approach or theory. How wrong I was. I’m still a big fan of productivity tips for screenwriters. Read my early posts for more like this – the 2012 stuff has some good ideas, but they were written early in my blogging career and it shows.

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