An intro to improv part 2

I'm writing a series of articles on improv for screenwriters. Previously I posted a list of bits on HOW to improv, this Ted talk is more aobut the whys of improv. Bear with me on these, I'm going somewhere with them. My favorite line from the video: "Listening is the willingness to change."


The Premise Test

The premise test is simple, useful, and much harder to fill out than you'd think. Its brevity glosses over a lot of complexity and theory. In practice, it's a powerful and merciless tool that exposes flawed or incomplete thinking. Used correctly, it will save you from false starts. The premise test will tell you if... Continue Reading →

Five things I believe about screenwriting

I believe that the one rule of screenwriting is be entertaining. It doesn't matter if a movie uses explosions or conversation to entertain, so long as it does. A movie may be more highbrow, but the emotions it creates come from the same reptile brain. (1) I believe in three act structure . We could have an... Continue Reading →

How to use the premise test to vet an idea

* Premise and conversation posted with permission. ORIGINAL PREMISE  A lonely speech pathologist getting over her sons death, a nervous ticked chemist and an escaped, young alien must break into a research facility to free captive aliens or else he will never be reunited with his family. They do this by planning to break in... Continue Reading →

An intro to improv

Here's a good series on introductory improv techniques created by Jayne Entwistle for ExpertVillage. There's a youtube playlist of it, but they were uploaded out of order, so I've arranged them in a way that makes them more accessible for beginners. I recommend you check out the full series. This is the first in a... Continue Reading →

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