Exercise: When you’re stuck on your story, try telling it in a different setting.

I'm a big fan of exercises , they drill fundamentals and unlock creativity when we get stuck. This is one of my favorites, because it spurs creativity, helps bypass plot problems, and establishes what story truly is. Story isn't setting, story isn't world building, story isn't even dialogue. Stories, at there core, can be boiled down to primal, archetypal... Continue Reading →


Saturday Screenwriting Class

The class would meet Saturdays, time TBD. There would be four 90 minute sessions, and participants would leave the class with a well-structured, forty beat outline. The class costs $70 dollars. Ideally there'd be between 3-6 people. I've done this once[1] before. I learned a lot from my first class and am excited to offer it again.... Continue Reading →

The premise of a movie is like a machine that generates entertaining scenes, setpieces and ideas. These are largely explored in the second act.

Your movie concept combined with the genre of movie creates the means by which entertainment is made. For instance, a time travel comedy would probably have a lot of moments where the existence of time travel led to funny set pieces. An avalanche action movie would probably have a lot of gunplay that somehow involved... Continue Reading →

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