Procrastination is the grave opportunity is buried in.

“We shall never have more time. We have, and have always had, all the time there is. No object is served in waiting until next week or even until to-morrow. Keep going day in and out. Concentrate on something useful. Having decided to achieve a task, achieve it at all costs. ~ Arnold Bennett”

I don’t want to write this blog.  I actually never feel like writing.  I am a goddamn Rhodes scholar at not writing.  It’s my particular genius.  ~ Matt Lazarus

Pity the poor aspiring writer. It’s never a good time for them to write. They have a lot going on. They have money but not time, or time but no money. They can’t write because they’re lonely, they can’t write because they have to spend time with their significant other. They can’t write because they have no ideas, or because they have too many ideas. Procrastinators put all their faith in a magical, golden tomorrow where they’ll be adequately sexed, have the perfect amount of time, the perfect amount of money, and a magical talking desk that automatically transcribes and files their brilliant ideas in the exact right places.

That happy hour will never arrive. Neither success nor failure nor perfect love will make the writing any easier.

Procrastinators doom themselves to failure. They stall and stall, and when and if they do make the time to write, there’s so much pressure to use that time to be brilliant, to justify all the time wasted on past procrastination, that the expectation crushes whatever work they might have mustered.

Getting disciplined isn’t easy. There are a million tricks, tips and hacks that you can use, some can be found on this very blog, but on some level it comes down to pure will – your will to put pen to paper, to imagine vividly, to dutifully record.

I write this not to scold, but to offer a benediction. I free you from all old obligations. All false starts, all your abandoned efforts, all the wasted time, all your costly mistakes. You are forgiven. You are free to forgive yourself and move on. So go and write something.

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