The banality of good advice

In my last post, I collected a list of best practices boiled down from a year's worth of blogging and a lifetime's worth of study.  The bullet points? "Write often, be organized, use an outline."  That's painfully unoriginal advice. Every hack with a website spoon feeds the same basic tenets.  Still, as basic and familiar... Continue Reading →


1. Always have a pen and paper (or a voice recorder, or a smartphone with a good battery).  A pen and paper is best, as it's living testament to your desire to capture ideas as opposed to just having a cell phone.  Productivity nerds call this ubiquitous capture.  The thinking is that your brain won't... Continue Reading →

Some lessons from being on set

So I've been working on this movie called Goliath (details) . It was quite an experience.  As a writer, you'll write something like, EXT. PRISON YARD -- DAY: Guards look down at the segregated yard below. Then you get to set and you realize it took dozens of people hundreds of manhours to create a... Continue Reading →

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