Tasks, Resistance, Pick Up Sticks, Prerequisites.

Many of the tasks we do actually require prerequisite tasks (or, to make that a little more street, and you gotta do thing one before you do thing two, cabron). I was talking to a client about her process, and we talked about the importance of her desk being clean (thematic upshot, your desk is a... Continue Reading →


After the logline, before the outline, you should tell your story in a numbered list of 40 beats.

* Note: A better version of this draft can be found here. Movies start with a basic idea or concept. This concept should lend itself to one of the marketable movie genres. You'll want this concept to involve a main character who could be credibly played by a castable movie star. Then you'll want to which should be... Continue Reading →

On Genre

We screenwrite to produce spec scripts that communicate our talent to a decision-maker who will then pay us to write. To this end, your spec script should be familiar. Familiar means in a recognizable genre. We know genres - if a comedy makes us laugh it works. If a horror movie scares us, it works.... Continue Reading →

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