About Me

My name is Matt Lazarus. I was born in Seoul, adopted, raised in Vermont by kindly Jews. I’ve lived in Los Angeles since I was 18, and spent my entire adult life in the entertainment industry (with a few embarrassing stopovers at bad temp jobs).

I’ve been a WGA Member since 2007, with two sales. One to RKO (you can see an IMDB copy of the Hollywood Reporter article here), one to Cartoon Network. I’ve been hired for a variety of small rewrites and polishes, but none of my features have been produced (this is a bit of a sore spot for me, but it’s by no means uncommon). You can check my profile on IMDBpro, if you have it.

This piece of plastic is actually my prize possession.

This piece of plastic is actually my prize possession.

My most recent project was Goliath, a short film I wrote and produced with DGA award winner Eric Bross.  It featured Fernanda Andrade (THE DEVIL INSIDE), Sully Erna (lead singer of GODSMACK), and Luis and Daniel Moncada (the cousins from my favorite show, Breaking Bad.  It was awesome).

collage g

I’ve been a freelance Story Analyst since 2005. I’ve covered thousands of scripts (my best guess is 4,500, give or take 500). I’ve worked at CAA (mailroom, story department), Untitled (assistant to manager), Platinum Studios (assistant to director of development, later Story Editor). I have covered for Kadokawa, Anonymous, Sony, Happy Madison, Phoenix, among others.

You can expect professional feedback from a sporadically working professional with constructive criticisms and actionable advice on how to improve your draft and plan your career.  My focus is notes and lessons, I can’t promise you access, agency recommends or anything like that, and you should probably be suspicious of anyone who does.


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